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Here is the starting price for the saddles we offer. However because these saddles are totally customizable, prices vary depending on options chosen.

Each saddle is hand built by us, constructed piece by piece, allowing for complete Custom work if needed. This process takes longer, but each saddle is personalized for the rider and the horse.  
Standard colors available: black or brown (chestnut available on request)
Hardware: brass or stainless steel
Stirrup colors: brown whith black cage, or black with black cage
Depth of Seat: low, medium or deep
Types of Rigging: adjustable, permanent, latigos or billets
Types of Stirrup Hanger: hung from adjustable dees or English e-z off hooks

Vision Hybrid Saddle
Vision English Saddle
Vision Endurance Saddle


This type of saddle may not work for everyone, and this is why we offer our "Shared Risk" guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your saddle within 30 days of delivery, we will buy it back for approximately 80% of the purchase price. Along with the 1 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship (under normal use for which it is intended), we also offer the 30 day alterations. This allows alteration to be done on things that might not be "just right". We want our customers happy and loving their Visions!

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