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Just in case you were wondering....

"How does the saddle work?"
The bars are flexible and built into the skirts. The ground seat is mostly flexible and sits on top of the skirts. It is held into place by the rigid cantle and mechanical pommel. Once the pommel is adjusted for your horse, the rider's weight snuggles the skirts onto the horse's curves, while the ground seat keeps the rider off the horse's spine.

"How much does the saddle weigh?"
It varies depending on custom options, but the average weight is aproximately 14lbs for english and 16-19 lbs for hybrids and endurance.
"What does the purchase price include?"
It includes whatever hardware, color, and caged easyride stirrups that the saddle comes with. 

"Can I try one before I buy one?"
The availability of demos vary, please call for more information.
"Since these are custom saddles, how long does it take to get one?"
The time of craftmanship for your saddle depends on how far out the waiting list is at the time. Please contact us with any other questions you may have.


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